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Other Bakery Treats

In addition to our signature Mug Cakes, the Choc O' Latte Café offers a wide variety of freshly baked goods. We don't have them on our menu, because our selection varies daily, on the whim of the baker. But don't be dismayed, all of our selections are delicious. Just come on in to see what we have in store!

The perfect compliment to our baked goods is a hot cup of coffee or tea. We have a wide selection of coffees, teas, lattes and cappuccinos.

Chocolate Mug Cakes

Chocolate Mug Cakes

Looking for a little indulgence? Try the Choc O' Latte Café's signature dessert:

The Chocolate Mug Cake

Each perfect-for-one sized cake is baked to order, and is ready in about 8 minutes. If you can wait that long, you'll have a rich reward, served piping hot!

The cake base is chocolate, dressed up with the following choice of mix-ins:

Classic Chocolate: chocolate cake
Perfect Peanut Butter: with mini Reese's cups
Mmmm, Mocha: with a little coffee flavor
Raspberry: with chocolate raspberry chips
Minty: with minty mint candies