Choc O' Latte Cafe
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Chocolate Heart


Various Baked Goods

Who says you can't eat dessert first?

Mug Cakes

3.25    Classic Chocolate
Chocolate cake

3.25    Perfect Peanut Butter
With mini Reese's cups

3.25    Mmm, Mocha
With a little coffee flavor

3.25    Raspberry
With raspberry chips

3.25    Minty
With minty mint candies

Breakfast Menu

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2.25    Oatmeal (topped with fresh fruit)
2.25    1 Egg & Toast
2.75    2 Eggs & Toast
2.25    1 Hot Cake
3.50    2 Hot Cakes
3.00    French Toast (2 slices of thick texas toast topped with fresh fruit)


Served on an english muffin or bagel
2.25    Egg & Cheese
3.25    Bacon, Egg & Cheese
3.25    Sausage, Egg & Cheese
3.25    Ham, Egg & Cheese

Omelets (3 eggs)

3.75    Cheese Omelet
5.50    Western (cheese, ham, salsa, sour cream)
5.75    Veggie (mushrooms, tomatos, onions, peppers)

Ala Carte

1.00    Toast (12 grain or white)
1.25    Bagel
1.60    Bagel with cream cheese
1.25    English Muffin
1.00    Hash Brown
2.00    Bacon (3 slices)
2.00    Sausage Patty